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Baptism represents a recognition that there is more to life than the physical and material and introduces an infant to the possibilities that lie beyond this world and to a relationship with the spiritual – specifically with the Trinitarian expression of the divine.

Baptism is the means by which a person affirms their faith in Jesus Christ and becomes a member of the church.

It represents a movement from a materialistic world view to a world view which has Christ at its centre. Those who are baptised state that: they turn to Christ, they repent of their sins, they reject all that is false and unjust and renounce Satan and all evil. They also affirm their commitment to the tenets of belief expressed in the Apostle’s Creed stating that they believe in God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Children are unable to make such commitments, so when a child is baptised, Godparents make this commitment on behalf of the child. (For this reason, it is essential that the Godparents be baptised.)

At St Augustine’s, ideally a person is baptised during our Sunday morning service, however we have found it practical to hold most baptism services at 11:00 am. If you would like to be baptised or to bring your child to be baptised, please contact us.

Rev’d Canon Dr Marion Free
St Augustine’s Anglican Church Hamilton

We love doing baptisms!

If you are wondering about getting baptized that is great news. We do many baptisms for members of our congregation each year. Please contact our office for arranging final details and an agreed date. You may download from our website the baptismal documents below.

Baptism is a meaningful, genuine decision and desire to follow Jesus Christ. It is a commitment to following and serving him for the whole of our lives. The Baptism gathering itself expresses the expectation that the person will “continue as Christ’s faithful soldier and servant until their life’s end”.

The ‘baptism’ itself does not ‘turn someone into a Christian’. It is only a symbol in the same way that an engagement ring symbolises engagement.

Baptism reminds us of God’s wonderful promises to forgive our sins and to make us his children if we trust in Jesus Christ. These promises are publicly declared in the reading of Scripture and in the symbolic actions that take place.

How can children be baptized if faith is necessary?

God’s promises are not only made to individuals, they are made to families. So, for example, when the apostle Paul and his companion Silas were asked by a man, “What must I do to be saved?“, they replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved – you and your household.Acts 16: 31

Children are included with their parents in the promises of God. They may be baptized if they are part of a Christian family. Children are baptised on the understanding that they will one day make their own profession of faith in Jesus Christ. The ‘Baptism’ therefore has a ‘conditional’ note.

If children are to grow up to be Christians they need encouragement and teaching. The most significant influence will be parents, (and godparents) who have a genuine and active Christian faith of their own.

Any person who professes faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, and has at least a basic understanding of the Christian faith, may be baptized. In the case of children, it is the parents and godparents who express this faith on behalf of the child. This is only meaningful where the parents and godparents have a genuine faith in Christ themselves and should not be sought if there is no faith seen in daily life and weekly service at church.

What should I do to get baptized at the Church?

Join a congregation. As an established member of a congregation you will know the minister who pastors the congregation you are part of. They would be very willing to talk further with you.

It is our desire to be as helpful as possible to help you think about baptism so that it is both meaningful and special for you and your family.

Appointments (Times may change – please check with our office.)

Rev'd Marian Free meets with families for baptisms on the 1st Thursday of the Month at 5:30pm.

Baptism Pack

Thank you if you are contacting St Augustine’s to arrange a Baptism Ceremony. Please download and go through the Baptism Pack below, and take the baptismal form, (children or adult form as required) for your meeting with our Rector. Contact our office and we will arrange a date for the meeting, usually 5:30pm on a Thursday at the Parish Office, 56 Racecourse Road. Fill in the form and return it at your earliest convenience.

Please read through the attached Order of Service before your meeting. We have included a fictionalised account of a fourth century baptism which is not only beautiful, but which helps to explain some of our modern traditions. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Office.

At the Baptism you will receive a candle and a certificate. At the pre-baptism interview you receive the baptismal pack, or you may download it below. Baptisms are done by donation. A different form for the adult baptism is included in the documents below.

No tea and coffee is offered with the service. People usually organise their own celebrations. You may consider hire of the lawns and hall facilities, depending on availability.

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