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A Christian marriage reflects the relationship between Christ and the Church. When a couple marry in the Church they ask for and receive God’s blessing on their union. St Augustine’s is a beautiful place for a wedding. Welcome and congratulations on your engagement. We wish you both every joy and happiness as you [...]

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Personal Development ┼

Personal Development We encourage everyone to develop their faith in whatever way suits them – personal prayer and bible study or through the various activities offered by the church. The Anglican Church has an array of discipleship roadmaps with supporting growth in responsibilities within the church life. Our [...]

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Baptism represents a recognition that there is more to life than the physical and material and introduces an infant to the possibilities that lie beyond this world and to a relationship with the spiritual – specifically with the Trinitarian expression of the divine. Baptism is the means by which a person affirms their [...]

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Bible Study

If you would like to join us to explore the Bible, please contact . No prior knowledge is required – we learn from each other and often discover that our insights open up the passage for the others in the group. There are two groups- one that meets in the afternoon on the first [...]

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