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Meditation is both a form of prayer and a means of relaxation. Whether you have any faith or none, you are welcome to join us for 30 minutes on a Wednesday afternoon at 5:30 pm. There is no expectation that you will use the time in any particular way, just that you allow yourselves [...]

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Wednesday Service & Healing

Wednesday Service Our Wednesday Eucharist Service is a traditional service format, held each week at 10:00 am. This is a smaller congregation, with a slightly shorter service and no music. People from all backgrounds are welcome and made comfortable. After the service, people greet the and often raise Christian questions [...]

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Columbarium Service

COVID-19 Information: The Columbarium is closed during COVID-19 restrictions, but if someone wishes to come and visit, our office opens it up.   You would sign in and out and close the door during and after visiting. Hours to visit are during office h0urs between 9.30am to 1.30pm daily. We are privileged to have a [...]

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Morning Services – Tu/Th

The Tuesday and Thursday 7:00 am morning services are helpful for people who are unable to attend other service times - especially useful for those of you going to work, or who have breakfast before or after the service.This is a friendly, smaller group who meet for a shorter Eucharist service without music.We would love [...]

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Sunday Services

Our style of worship tends to be conservative, but there are surprises. New initiatives are welcomed from you. We have several liturgical assistants on our team. During the year we have different presentations such as a dramatic presentation of the Gospel, or blessings such as the blessing of the bikes, or the blessing of [...]

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Every church loves a choir. At St Augustine's the demands on choristers are minimal. Rehearsal is on your own time and for twenty minutes before a service. It is always optional to join in on special services such as Baptisms or Weddings. For more information, please e-mail the Office, and your questions or interest will [...]

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Sunday School & Kid’s Church

Sunday School Anglican Church Hamilton meets during the Sunday 9:30 am service. The children who wish to participate in the service leave during the 1st Bible reading and may return in time for the Peace greeting. Kids may be involved with the service, such as helping with the collection.Together, the children and the leader, (Dawn) [...]

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Bible Study

If you would like to join us to explore the Bible, please contact . No prior knowledge is required – we learn from each other and often discover that our insights open up the passage for the others in the group. There are two groups- one that meets in the afternoon on the first [...]

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