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English Conversation Classes

Whether you have been in Australia for years or just a few months or whether you have come to the country specifically to learn English, you might like to join our English Conversation Classes. The classes are great fun and those who attend form close friendships and provide mutual support. Classes are held on [...]

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Saturday Breakfast

Breakfast and More - Saturday Breakfast Breakfast at Cafe 63 -October 2018 Once a month a group of Parishioners meet for breakfast at a local café. Over coffee or a meal, we discuss a wide variety of topics that have included such themes as "joy", "compassion", "compromise" and [...]

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Indoor Bowls

Why take the heat from outdoor bowls? Indoor bowls is much easier - a lot of fun, and friendly people. Join us for a good social session in the Hall. All ages, (and any experience, or none!) are very welcome. There are four teams, taking a morning tea break between two highly competitive sessions [...]

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Tuesday Friends

The group won’t let us name it the Merry Widows - but that is what it sounds like. This is an understanding group of widowed ladies who meet on the last Tuesday of the month, sharing fellowship over morning tea. The Tuesday Friends meet in one of the rooms at the Vagelis Restaurant, 30 [...]

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Agnostics Anonymous

Agnostics Anonymous is a group that provides a forum for those unsure of what to believe, and to have a place to meet and chat about the issues that interest them. If you know anyone who would be interested in attending, the meetings are scheduled once a month on the 3rd Tuesday, from 7:30 [...]

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Hall & Lawns Hire ☆

Please feel welcome to contact our Office to discuss your ideas or requirements for hiring the hall, the lawns, or both. People usually access the hall if hiring the lawns. Hire may be for non-commercial events, charity sales, or for use after a ceremony such as a wedding or baptism. People usually arrange their [...]

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Wednesday Service & Healing

Wednesday Service Our Wednesday Eucharist Service is a traditional service format, held each week at 10:00 am. This is a smaller congregation, with a slightly shorter service and no music. People from all backgrounds are welcome and made comfortable. After the service, people greet the and often raise Christian questions [...]

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