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Centenary 2020

St Augustine’s Anglican Church, Hamilton, Brisbane

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centenary 2020

An Initial Overview

May 2018

Initial preparations of the Centenary 2020 Celebrations have commenced as of May 2018.

Information from this website is indicative until each event is confirmed.

We ask you keep track of progress from time to time if you have an interest in this significant and historical Brisbane event.

Members of the public and organisations are invited to participate, provide content, funds or time. This is a unique and rare opportunity to know you have been involved in some way in a centennial commemoration either enjoying as a participant in events to come, or to contribute in developing the richness of our community’s history and life, and to record the same for generations to come.

How can you participate? As events are formalised you may see opportunity to assist, such as providing video, photography, historical research, writing, attendance at events, general help, fund raising, publications skills, art work, music, special focus areas and more. Everyone has particular talents that are amazing! We encourage you to consider all social strata of our community, past and present, as the church has been a place of growth and change.

The centenary will be managed by two committees – Functions/Events, and Fund Raising.

As the committees develop with structure and aims, we shall provide contact details. If you feel it may be a possibility for you, contacts will enable you to call and talk about participation in some way. As information develops, links will be placed on this website.

The extent of events, interest and participation, will be managed by the committees, and subcommittees shall be formed as required. Perhaps you can run an event?

We request that members of the public bookmark this website for interest, and as contact information and related links become available to launch out and contact us – we are very friendly, and sometimes something you think is not significant can actually be very interesting or useful.

It is our aim to provide the church governing body and members of the public, communications through various feeds, church newsletters or media. We anticipate some form of tangible copy to mark the centenary events such as a publication.

We will commemorate the laying of the original foundation stone in November 2019.

We recognise a number of groups involved in our church life over the past 100 years. These include and are not limited to:

Church members and visitors, including students, guest speakers or event administrators or participants.

Those who served in Army, Navy and Air Force or related support services – taking note of sacrifice from all sections of our demographics.

Community groups such as schools, trades, local government or council.

Pastoral events such as weddings, baptisms, funerals. What did you wear on your wedding day?

We wish to research and explore church history and integration with the community from any number of relevant or intriguing sources, including personal testimony or anecdotes, published content, written notes, drawings or photographic materials.

Perhaps you have a story:

Was there something you remember as a child or from your parents?

Do you know of or are you a senior member of the area with memories or accounts of church life either by itself or in context with Brisbane and/or Hamilton and Ascot at that time? Do you want to help summarise information from an elderly member of the church, family or relative and forward us your content?

Do you know someone you can talk to and ask questions?

Are you in the younger generation and have tales to tell, what church in Hamilton has meant for you?

We acknowledge the history of Brisbane has had its ups and downs, the church too! We wish to make comprehensive provision for our historical records.

We shall open this website for emails and file uploads as we move forward so that you can provide concrete materials for review and use.

Fund raising is an important aspect of church life. Our buildings and grounds need constant maintenance. We provide help to various sections of the community. How to make donations to the centenary events will be provided in an appropriate time frame soon.

It is anticipated those who contribute are given opportunity to send details through various forms of media and/or this website to record your name or family in some appropriate way for record. Those who do not have  computer access will have opportunity to present materials the way we always have, by talking with us, or by paper.

As this is a public involvement and series of events, we are unable to monitor and review how everyone is always going, but this does not mean all folks are not cared for or appreciated. There are bound to be hick ups, so we would ask you to communicate, and again, communicate – this is good and healthy, we love it.

Thank you for reading our first announcement of the preparations for Centenary 2020. Our specific goals will be developed in the months to come.

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