Centenary Service Photographs

18th October 2020

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Service conducted by Rev’d Canon Dr Marian Free.
Sermon given by our guest Bishop William Ray (retired).

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YouTube Centenary Service
1662 Order of Service

some thoughts

To the family of St Augustine’s

100 years ago someone was standing on the grounds, or at home, thinking, “Will they remember us 100 years on?”

We did.

It has been a long time – we cannot imagine everything that has happened, buy happened it has.

For our service today we remember in thanks those who provided a new direction for generations past and all of us to come.

And to all those involved with St Augustine’s over the years we give honour and recognition, not just recognition, but knowing of our combined struggles through life, and our good times, our failures and victories.

In greatest hardships we endure with patience, our characters being honed into what is more real among men to the glory of God.

In the Kingdom of God we are not alone, an eternal Kingdom that will rejoice with us all together. Until that time we go about our humble lives, benefiting from this place fondly called St Augustine’s, among all those who come here year in and out, in the place of their hearts thanking God.

We stand today as Christians upholding the Gospel of Jesus Christ, He who is the fullness of God’s Word, sent as ransom for mankind with authority to forgive us our sins. By His blood shed upon the Cross as one sacrifice without measure, we enter into God’s eternal love.

Together with all who uphold this Gospel of God’s reconciliation of peace with Him, we give tribute to 100 years of life and service in St Augustine’s.