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I’m not sure I’m even game to guess what the ladies talk about when they get together for their crafts!

One thing is for sure, these crafties are very happy to work the wool, or other crafts, and donate to charity.

Join in on the 1st or 3rd Wednesday of the month between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm in the office space of the hall building.

There are those who actually know what they are doing – and those who wish to know!  Any type of craftwork is encouraged.

The most important part of this group is fun, fellowship, and hopefully the increase in ability for those who wish to learn.

You never know, we may be able to actually contribute something to help somebody else.  Mission to Seafarers is always looking for beanies for the crews who come into port, and knitted/crocheted blankets can be made to assist people in need, particularly the homeless.

So bring your knitting, your tapestry, your crochet or anything else you are working on and be there!

Delivering a Donation from Tuesday Friends and Crafties – August 2017

An Anzac tapestry.

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