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St Augustine’s Anglican Church, Hamilton

Diocese of South East Queensland

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Our parish covers a broad area, fringing onto Clayfield at one end, through the historic areas of Hamilton, Ascot, Eagle Farm, and Pinkenba near the port of Brisbane. We cross the Kingsford Smith Drive to Portside and Northshore residents, welcoming our new locals. We always give a welcome to interstate and overseas visitors. Being a large geographic area, we often pray for or visit our neighbouring churches, or vice versa, and take part in various events, such as recitals at St John’s Anglican Cathedral in the city.

The area is growing quite rapidly with new business, housing and retail developments. We would like to be an ongoing part of the mix of traditional and new families and single residents coming into the area. We would encourage you to consider Church involvement as a way to enrich your life and of those around you.

In the early era of Brisbane, Hamilton was somewhat an upper class strata – see the nearby Royal Queensland (Brisbane) Golf Course. This strengthened with increase in professionals such as lawyers and medical practitioners working close to the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital, (RBWH).

This style of urbanisation changed with a shift in resident populations and dispersal commencing with the late 1980’s after the Brisbane Expo ’88. Brisbane had always had a fairly hard environment. This tended to create important interconnections between people in the Church, connections that were not advertised, but nonetheless were strong and devoted. As populations changed between States, transport and commerce developed into what we now see as modern, with Hamilton and its surrounding areas participating with the city growth and its patterns.

St Augustine’s today continues to offer fresh opportunity to people who want to be involved in the Parish life, and the subsequent interconnections.

We encourage you to develop and move deeper in your own communications and friendships with others, but also your friendship with God, in personal daily time for prayer and devotions, (prayer is talking to God) and reflecting on the Kingdom of God within a safe, spiritual environment.

St Augustine’s plays a major part in Brisbane’s network of financial and material giving to those with specific needs. As can be appreciated, this is a considerable investment for the finances and administration required to maintain the church buildings, the grounds, and assets such as the pipe organ or the stained glass windows.

Our assistance goes to Anglican Board of Mission, Anglicare, Endeavour Foundation, St Francis College, 139 Club for the homeless, Youth Housing Project, Bush Ministry, Women’s Hostel, The Mission to Seafarers, St Alban’s Wilston, St Mary’s Home in Toowong, “Holy Trinity Church in Fortitude Valley, St Stephens Coorparoo, Mater Mothers’ Hospital, and more.

Disbursements, as opposed to materials such as food and clothing, are prioritised, given as a percentage of Parish budget surplus.

A number of volunteer or career positions support the work of the rector for the practical running of the church. The best way to review these ‘curate’ positions is to talk with the rector, and read the Annual Report when it is distributed at church.

Positions may include assistant rector, music director, student, outreach programs, Australian elections, administrations such as the Kid’s Church or the Columbarium, counselling, wardens and financing, fund raising, facilities management such as hall hire, flower and front door roster, buildings and grounds maintenance, kitchen, liturgy assistance, cleaning, and more. Our volunteers are asked to look at Workplace Health & Safety principles.

During the year various events or services need volunteers, such as the multicultural dinner, English conversation classes, Maundy Thursday prayer vigil, bequests & plaques management, Jumble Sale, Facebook, and so forth. Do you want to become part of the “On the Green” program for open-air activities on our amazing, spacious front lawn?

Please refer to the following link and resources regarding safety of children in the Diocese.
This link will also give access to materials and lay requirements for safety and other Diocese related matters.



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Interstate and Overseas Visitors are Welcome

Interstate and Overseas Visitors are Welcome


St Augustine’s offers tremendous opportunity to people who want to be involved. It is quite normal, as we have experienced ourselves, to either want others to offer us direction, or to follow an initiative for the church life. Priests have often expressed the view, why don’t we just see what God wants to do. Come to Church where, as the Bible says, where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them. Let’s choose to be in prayer with God, together, as well as in our personal time, and see what direction feels right for your involvement.

In a challenging modern day environment – competitive commerce, shift work hours, demanding expectations and pressures, we invite you to develop new interconnections and ways of developing fellowship and ministry in the Church. May we take time out to learn Christian values that go back generations, to the approach the Apostle’s emphasise on fellowship with God, and treating others with the love we would give to ourselves. As we become more sensitive to the journey in the Lord, we may find openings to initiate spiritual, social, or community based involvements and trusted connections. It is the people who comprise the body of the Church, and in prayer, may we move in this direction.

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Call Us (07) 3268 3935 M-F 9:30am-12:30pm


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