7 March 2019

Welcome to our News
Welcome to our News

Weekday services during January – There will be no mid-week services from December 25 – January 21st.

Meditation – will resume on January 22nd.

Summer School – Marian will be attending Clergy Summer School from Monday January 13 to 15. During that time you will be able to contact her mobile phone.

Centenary Events – We have planned a number of events for the Centenary. The celebrations are being kicked off on February 22 which is the nearest date to the 25th anniversary of Marian’s ordination as priest. We do hope that you will be able to attend and that you will invite your friends.

Clean Jars – All sizes needed. Our jam and pickle makers have noticed that with two elections and two Saturday jumbles they will be busy making condiments. You can help by donating glass jars of any size.

History of the Church – Noel Henricksen has written an updated history of the church. If you would be willing to read it for accuracy, I’d love to hear from you.

English Conversation Class – After a number of years leading the conversation class, Bryan Dickson is retiring. We thank him for his care and enthusiasm. Since David Browne established the class it has become a significant part of our outreach to the wider community. If you are able to step into the gap, or if you know someone whom we could ask to lead the class I’d be most grateful to hear from you.

Bequests – The Parish has, in the past, been richly blessed by bequests, which have enabled us to carry out much needed repair and restoration work that is beyond our yearly income. If you feel moved to include us in your will, the following wording is appropriate.
“I GIVE AND BEQUEATH the sum of $…..(or the rest and residue of my estate) to THE CORPORATION OF THE SYNOD OF THE DIOCESE OF BRISBANE to be used for the general charitable and religious purposes of the Parish of St Augustine’s Hamilton in Queensland (including without limitation maintenance and /or improvement of the stained glass windows of the church and/or for such purposes as determined from time to time by the Council of the said Parish), and the receipt of the diocesan Registrar shall be a sufficient discharge to my Executor or Trustee.”

2020 Rosters Rosters for next year are currently being prepared. If you would like to participate with readings, side persons, or morning tea’s please contact Pippa Prior on 0404 679 969 to confirm your availability.

Parish Pantry Challenge – This week’s challenge is canned meat and fish can meals. (Don’t forget that there is a bin outside the office if it is easier to bring your donation on another day.)

Sponsor a Stained Glass Window – Contact our Office or chat to Roger on Sunday

First Aid – the First Aid Kits have all been updated. There is one in the kitchen, one in the outer office and one on the trolley at the rear of the church. All are marked with a white cross on a green background.

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Bible Study 2nd & 4th Tuesday 7:30pm
Meditation resumed on January 23rd

Student and Curate – We are delighted that Quinn Humphreys will be spending another year at St Augustine’s and that Rosemary (and family) will return on February 3rd for another year.

Breakfast with Rev'd Marian Free

“On Tuesdays you are welcome to join me at Café 63 from 7:30am after the Eucharist” – Marian.

Jumble Our next Jumble is Wednesday 5th February 2020 (no Jumble in January)


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