7 March 2019

Welcome to our News
Welcome to our News

Marian’s leave – Marian away Next weekend to lead the College Retreat. Following that Marian is taking September as annual leave. During that time The Rev’ds Libbie and Bill Crossman will be looking after our Parish. There will be no evening bible study while Marian is away.

Donations to Crafties – Any left over 8 ply wool would be greatly received by Crafties to assist in the making of beanies and rugs. Please leave at the back of the church or office.

Parish Pantry Challenge – This week’s challenge is to see if we can remember to purchase
for the Parish Pantry, tins of stew, spam and sausages.

Gatton Bus Trip – Gatton Bus Trip Saturday 21st September 2019 – You are invited to join the next Cathedral Bus Trip to Rosewood and Gatton on Saturday 21st September. We will leave the Cathedral at 9.30am and travel firstly to Rosewood Anglican Church for morning tea and then join in their market day celebration. We will then go on to Gatton Anglican Church for lunch and a stall. Dean Peter Catt will present a workshop at Rosewood parish (if time permits) and Gatton parish. The bus will return to the Cathedral at approximately 4pm. Cost $50. RSVP by Sunday 15th September 2019. For all enquiries and bookings, please contact John Cameron on 0428 765 170. All proceeds will go to St John’s Cathedral.

Extra jumble! There will be no fete this year, instead we
are having a Jumble Sale on Saturday 7th of September – with Sausage Sizzle. Any assistance is appreciated.

English Masterpieces Concert 1st September 2019 2:30pm – Read More

Flowers Thank you Reg Staines for the beautiful flowers in the church last week.

Calendar 2020 If you would like to order calendars for next year please can you fill in the order form at the back of the church, and Erayne will order these for you.

Multicultural Dinner – The multi-cultural dinner this year will be held on September 21, from 6pm. If you are planning on attending, please add your name to the list at the back of the church and let us know if you are bringing a savoury or a sweet dish. (If you don’t cook, please come and make a donation towards the evening.)

St Francis’ Day – There will be a service for the blessing of animals at both services on October 6. Tell your friends.

Sponsor a Stained Glass Window – Contact our Office or chat to Roger on Sunday

First Aid – the First Aid Kits have all been updated. There is one in the kitchen, one in the outer office and one on the trolley at the rear of the church. All are marked with a white cross on a green background.

Anglican e-News

Bible Study 2nd & 4th Tuesday 7:30pm

Quinn Humphreys is our third year theological student who is with us this year.

Breakfast with Rev'd Marian Free

“On Tuesdays you are welcome to join me at Café 63 from 7:30am after the Eucharist” – Marian.


Speaking of flowers, if you would like to join the flower arranging team we’d love to hear from you. Don’t be daunted by the wonderful arrangements that grace our church most weeks. We’d be delighted to hear from anyone who would be willing to purchase cut flowers to arrange simply in a standard vase.

Story-telling 2020

Please contact us to share your stories about being a part of St Augustine’s for our Centenary 2020 celebrations. As we move into the future it is important that we acknowledge the foundations on which we build.
While the Parish itself is already over 100 years old, 2020 marks the centenary of this Church. Much has occurred over those 100 years and many of you have been witness to the day-to-day life of the Parish as well as significant changes. This is an opportunity for you to share some of those stories, to reminisce on the “good old days”, to let newer members of the congregation hear about the history of things like Jumble, the ANZAC Day lunches, the extensions to the church and the many community events of which many of us are unaware. We wish to capture as much of this history as possible over the next year. February 24h was our launch for Story Telling – thank you for great contributions to date.

Jumble Our next Jumble is Wednesday 2nd October 2019


The Lift the Lid Ball – Rotary Event
For research and prevention of youth suicide


Romero Centre is looking for housing/shelter for refugees and asylum seekers. Right now, for example, Romero is trying to help 4 families with children, as well as 6 single men, who urgently need somewhere to stay. Currently they are either sleeping in cars or rotating around to stay with different friends and individuals for a few nights at a time, which is really hard on everyone.
OTHER NEEDS: If you are unable to help with housing but are interested in providing support another way, some of Romero Centre’s other needs include:
– Non-perishable food items (for Romero’s pantry): most urgently – rice (Basmati), cooking oil, tinned tuna, coconut milk/cream, sugar; and also – beans or lentils, long- life milk, tinned vegetables, tinned soup, flour, pasta, breakfast cereals, dried fruit or nuts, tea, coffee, honey.
– Toiletry items: shampoo, shower gel, baby wipes, nappies (16+kg / 15-25kg), laundry washing powder, razors
– Employment / jobs for asylum seekers (those with permission to work) –
especially farm work in Brisbane and surrounding areas, or jobs related to cleaning, factory work, child care, disability / aged care, construction, driving, etc.
If any of you might consider hosting some of the families or individuals in need, or else coming together with your Rotary clubs to fund some kind of housing support project, this would be greatly appreciated.
Please feel free to contact Lauren Seibert, or Beata Ostapiej- Piatkowski, Romero Centre Manager (

Israel Tour
For those of you who wished you had joined the tour of Israel four years ago, Greg Jenks, who is now the Dean of Grafton Cathedral is leading a pilgrimage from 7-16 December this year. A former Dean of St George’s College in Jerusalem, Dr Jenks is also a co-director of the Bethsaida Excavations Project in the Galilee. He is familiar with many of the historical and religious highlights of this remarkable place … come … see … encounter … pray …
I can think of no better tour guide.
For details check out the website of the Grafton Cathedral.


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