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Our website IAB Tech Lab Content Taxonomy is IAB-TIER-1: Religion & Spirituality; IAB-TIER-2: Chrisitianity; IAB-CONTENT-RATING: All Audiences.


Our new website was planned in 2017 in response to our growing Hamilton community – a need for clarity of church service schedules and activities, and to increase awareness of both our role in the parish and your potential, welcomed involvement. As you use the site you will see that information is provided in sections that relate to Church services and activities, or Social and Community activities. We also have reference materials that may be of interest. If you have any questions do please contact our office. Thank you.
Please see our Terms of Use for your agreement to use and conduct on this website and our policy for your Privacy. This website has been reviewed and approved by the Parish Council. All content is Copyright, All Rights Reserved. Content may only be used by permission from the Office. Should you feel uncomfortable about any photograph clearly identifying or showing yourself, please let us know. Our photography naturally shows our church life and may include parishioners and members of the public.
Please keep in mind that some activities or church service times may vary during the year. It is best to check the Weekly Pew Bulletin or call the office. For example, some activities are dependent on when there is a school term. Times may vary according to holidays or special events.
The website is designed for a full width screen experience. There may be differences between browsers or “zoom” settings. Content may vary when displayed on Tablets. Whilst cannot tested our site for all operating systems and browsers, if you feel there is an error or bug please contact us so we may review.
We advise keeping your PC software, security and virus checks up to date. We do not place advertising links or marketing content on the site. If your web browser shows unwanted links and marketing, it is not originating from our site. Should you in an unlikely event be approached by any person you do not know, or organisation claiming to be working on behalf of St Augustine’s and the website, please decline to engage and let us know.

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Please contact our Office if you wish to contribute to the website with a testimonial, or perhaps a Christian article about something encouraging in your experience or learning. We would be happy to review. Articles should follow a few simple guidelines – not to mention other peoples’ identity or contact details, views expressed should be non-divisive and not forcing a point of view, use of language should be appropriate, material should regard all copyright from other sources.
All contributions need to be Creative Commons:

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


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Website Editing by Patrice Shaw PSEditing
Ministry web page – selected external photos Santa Teresa Spirituality Centre
Map of Queensland Diocese Anglican Church Southern Queensland
Music on the Green photography Ella Liang – see Flickr
History document scanning 1920-1970, 1920-2000 See WordWide Printing in Hamilton
Wedding photographs See Chris Hall Photography – Dreamlife Photos & Videos Brisbane

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