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If you would like to add a recipe to our website, please contact us.
Requirements: Parish Member. Please provide first and last name. Recipes must have had consistent good feedback.
Photograph: Needs to have a picture of the results that you made yourself.
Comments: Add some personal notes about the recipe.
Type of Recipe: Any types of foods – would be good to get some Gluten Free, Gluten/Dairy Free, Dairy Free, Gluten/Egg/Dairy Free, Vegan and so on. Please define the type of food – e.g. hot, cold, savoury, biscuit, cake, main course and so on, and what country if possible. Would be good to get low sugar foods as well in the mix.
Does anyone have particular treats such as scones, or some healthy snacks for kids (and adult kids)?
These are not diet programs or types of foods focused for particular health conditions, but you can add recipes with such notes. For example, a vegetarian dish that has no lectins, a dish that supports the immune system for those with gluten or dairy problems, what may help in a diabetes diet and so on.
Please note, we are not able to test and verify these recipes for any liabilities. They are as-is at your own discretion. Please ask your doctor and friends, or search the Internet for advise on any of the recipe contents if you have not used them before. As one example, there is controversy around types of oils, but some people are really pleased with their ingredients, which may or may not be advisable depending on the context of your own health and food patterns.
Thank you.