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A selection of images from old books with St Augustine’s archives

Notice the original signature from William Bustard in the Robinson Crusoe book, who did the stained glass windows of the church. The plates in the book are about 60 years old. These images are of course still copyright. A few images are brighter than shown here, but most are close to the colours given here. They are on textured plates glued onto the pages, most falling away from the glue. The book was rescued from a Jumble Sale.
The Bible is from around 1928.
The old communion books perhaps in the 1920’s as the church was completed in 1920.
The red coloured communion service would be from when printing did two passes of ink, one for black, one for red – date not known.

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A larger extract of the Administration of Holy Communion.

Definition of Rubrick (rubric, ruby, red – for the red ink section): Webster Dictionary
The instructions and wordings are interesting as it would be hard pressed to use these today, but the principles, as in 1 Corinthians, for gathering for Communion of course still apply today.