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A selection of photos from St Augustine’s Windows

Copyright © Laurence Shaw – As over two thirds of the general public using website photos use images without permission, these images are provided with watermarks.
We are very happy to provide originals in most cases should you contact us.

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Overview of the Windows

The church windows follow a theme and have an extensive history. There are some basics though that help to understand this large number of windows.

The east sanctuary windows were originally crafted in Germany after the First World War. The windows were meant to assist reconciliation, but wounds were too deep, too fresh. It was so difficult that the priest of the time resigned, and it is assumed the Wharfies did not deliver the two central windows. At any rate, they never arrived in Brisbane. They were discovered in St Barnabas Warrington, New Zealand some years ago. One of these windows is of St Augustine.


Image courtesy of Wikipedia – St Barnabas Warrington NZ

These images represent many but not all of the Church and Columbarium windows. The details of each window are kept on plaques which you are welcome to read when you next attend services or visit our Church.
Please see our web page, “A Memorial Church” for details of each window name and ID number.

After World War II, there was a resolve by the priest, perhaps in the light of what had previously happened, to commission all the windows to a single artist. There was money and incentive at the time. The windows show a clear theme, and are not at random.

The sanctuary windows represent the Annunciation (when Gabriel appeared to Mary), the Visitation (when Mary visited Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist), the crucifixion, and the birth of the church and its commissioning. At one stage the theme included the exultation of the Holy Spirit. The centre two windows that were never received from Germany were boarded up, until the new windows were installed for 2015, designed to represent the cost of war to families as in Afghanistan and Iraq. They have the darker yellow colours representing these countries. The first window is the crucifixion and represents the cost of war to families. The second window shows a woman in a downcast position behind Mary Magdalene who holds her head looking upward for reconciliation and hope (rather than war) and in the risen Christ.

The north windows show biblical scenes with symbolic pictures at the top, and life of the saints at the bottom.

The south windows show English scenes, such as St Augustine, or various Kings.

The baptismal area has pictures of Jesus as the good shepherd and Jesus with children.

The bell tower windows are of the Armed forces, acknowledging the women and men services for the forces.

The two windows on the west wall beside the baptismal area are of Christ – I am the Light, and I am the Bread.

The gallery Te Deum windows are very complex in story and detail. They include martyrs from Queensland – three women who were speared to death by Japanese forces of the time.