Breakfast and More – Saturday Breakfast

Once a month a group of Parishioners meet for breakfast at a local café. Over coffee or a meal, we discuss a wide variety of topics that have included such themes as “joy”, “compassion”, “compromise” and “covetousness”. The aim of the group is to provide an environment in which people can speak freely about difficult/and or interesting topics whether or not they belong to this or any church.

Everyone is welcome on the 1st Saturday of the month for 8:30 am breakfast with the Saint Augustinians! Location in Racecourse Road may vary during the year – please contact the office.

Each month we chat about what’s what, and during breakfast or coffee & toast, Juliette provides us a topic with questions for discussion.

This is completely open to guests and visitors from any background. We look forward to seeing you soon!

For several years, this small group has been meeting for breakfast to discuss issues that are related to, but not specific to faith. New discussion partners are always welcome.

An example of a topic:


Give and example of an outstanding action of selflessness that you’ve heard of or witnessed.

What motivates people to sacrifice their own interests for others?

Is it always better to be unselfish rather than looking after our own interests first?

What kind of thoughts, feelings or instincts would tend to lead someone to behave selflessly?

Is it easier to be selfless in regard to close friends and family than to strangers or people of whom we know very little?

How selfless is out society?

Is it important to us as individuals to be more selfless? If we think being more selfless is desirable, how would we achieve this?

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