Our style of worship tends to be conservative, but there are surprises. New initiatives are welcomed from you. We have several liturgical assistants on our team.

During the year we have different presentations such as a dramatic presentation of the Gospel, or blessings such as the blessing of the bikes, or the blessing of the pets. We place various videos up on Facebook.

Music involvement has been varied over the years. If this is your area of interest, please let us know. We have ties with the musical community and St John’ Cathedral.

We have a long relationship with parishioners, some now finding it more difficult to attend church. We are blessed however with new parishioners. We do not forget those who are not with us.

Some years we have students to give us warmth and enthusiasm in our Parish life. This is a benefit to all of us, and in areas such as education and outreach.

Again, some years we have assistant ministers who focus on key areas in the church life.

It is always a great joy or of deeper meaning to have special events in our services, such as a baptism, a celebration, or remembrance services. We would like to see you visit us on Sunday at either 7:30 am, or the 9:30 am service.

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